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Fashion Blogging Business Lunch


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Fashion Blogging Business Lunch

Fashion Blogging Business Lunch by vivaciouslyfabulous featuring high waisted skinny jeans Polka dot shirt / Blazer, $37 / High waisted skinny jeans / Rock & Republic platform heels / Blue Vanilla — Autumn Weave / Once Bitten Twice Shy

As usual I’m starting this week off with growing Blue Vanilla by extending our contacts and building our network. I was happy to be approached by one of my favorite fashion bloggers asking me to lunch so we can talk shop and collaborate. Whenever I meet with one of our bloggers the pressure is on to be trendy yet professional  and always within my own style preferences – modern classic ladylike with a touch of edge…think Audrey’s spunk, Grace’s elegance with a touch of Bettie’s sexy but not too sexy naughtiness.

For today’s lunch, I chose my favorite new ombre pants paired with a basic blazer and a colorblocked – polka dotted – pop of color bow blouse…some of my favorite fall trends all in one blouse! Of course, I had to represent and style it with a Blue Vanilla purse and jewelry!

If you haven’t already be sure to enter Blue Vanilla’s current giveaways, these blogs are worth following!

J’adore Fashion Giveaway  & Voila

Finally Fall


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Finally Fall

Fall is FINALLY here and I can officially break out all those fall items I’ve been buying off season. Living in Cali, we rarely see or experience “seasons”, we really only have summer a few days of rain and the color change of fall. Of all of them, I LOVE fall the most, the colors, the brisk air and most importantly I get to wear all my boots, jackets, scarves and gloves again!

Shopping & fashion aside and onto business. Blue Vanilla is hosting a giveaway VIA Voila! Be sure to enter, winner gets to choose a piece from my site! If you’re a fashion blogger and are interested in a giveaway or review please contact me.If you want to stay up to date on all our ongoing and future giveaways or sales you can like or follow Blue Vanilla on any of the below social sites.

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Lust of the Week – Wide Leg Pants


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Lust of the Week - Wide Leg Pants
Michael Kors sleeveless blouse / French Connection summer blouse / Dorothy Perkins sleeveless blouse / Donna Karan black wide leg pants / Haider Ackermann high rise pants, $820 / Emporio Armani wide leg pants, $120 / Casadei spiked heels / Alejandro Ingelmo leather shoes / GUESS high heel sandals / Yves Saint Laurent tote handbag / Botkier handbag / Ronald Pineau studded belt / Blue Vanilla — Camille Clutch / Blue Vanilla — Tanya Red / Blue Vanilla — Alyssa / Blue Vanilla — Paola / Blue Vanilla — Sasannoa Teal

Blue Vanilla Update

Hello Sweets!


I learned long ago sometimes life’s challenges are exactly the misadventure we need. Although they might be rough while you are going through them, there is always some good that comes from them. Like most people, it’s hard for me to admit I’m not perfect. I understand I’m a work in progress and am very proud of that. I figure if we are complacent or stagnant we aren’t really living, so trying and failing is better than just being idle. However I do still like to think all my actions, reactions & interactions are executed perfectly with poise & class. I am smart enough to know that’s not always the case, I am human, but my ego wishes it to be true and day by day I am working and willing it to be true.

I recently went through a major professional & personal upset, I was forced to make some difficult decisions & make major changes to my business Blue Vanilla. At first I was devastated, I lost a friend, a business partner and my baby, the very thing I put all my heart & soul into, Blue Vanilla was suffering while we were trying to dissolve our partnership.

Now that all that is in the past, and I realize that light at the end of the tunnel isn’t a train ready to take me out I’m feeling like me again, I am proud to say I’m back on track! Whew, almost let the challenge life threw at me, get the best of me. Close call, but I came out on top!

Luckily, this lil hiccup has made me more resilient, and now my business is back on the mend and beginning to strive once again :) To start fresh, and to change from a negative challenge to a positive one, I launched a new purse line on the site and updated all jewelry and the entire look of the site. It was the best way for me to redirect my focus and change not only my mood but my direction. It fueled the fire that motivates me to succeed.

Now that the chapter has closed, I find myself a lil bruised, but mostly proud. I am once again doing this on my own, my way. I have found my myself and now both my business & myself are doing big amazing things. I LOVE life’s lil misadventures whether they are good or bad they are when we learn the most about ourselves and our own true character.

I would like to extend a personal thank you to a fellow blogger I’m Not Lost Just Weird for reminding me to stay strong, focused and most of all happy & positive. Your encouraging words truly did more than I can ever actually express. THANK YOU!

~Photo Adventure~ The Louvre 2012

Hello Sweets!

As most of you are already aware, I have a tenacious need to experience as much of life as humanly possible. In order to do so, I must travel frequently and keep an open mind along the way. I recently was very blessed to go back to Europe again this year & spend more time in France, mainly Paris (oh la la!) I have literally thousands of pictures I have to go through, so I’ll be posting individual events instead of one insanely long post.

This place is so massive, I couldn’t fit it in one shot! Crazy!

The Louvre is so incredibly large that it takes several days to go through and see half of what they have on display. Since I only had one evening to look around, I chose to see the Masterpiece Collection with all the paintings & sculptures I’ve seen a million times, but never in real life with my own eyes. We’ll get to those pictures, but first I must take a brief moment and give credit to the Architecture of this place. It’s massaive and strange to think people actually lived here! Check out some of the ceilings.

Even crazier….This is where the horses used to sleep. Can you believe this was their stable?!?!?

Now on to the art…

This was my favorite of everything I saw. Our guide told us a beautiful story where the moral was love is blind and everlasting…if it isnt then its not love.

Unfinished Michelangelo

These two are unfinished Michelangelo sculptures, he was commissioned for but never had a chance to complete… I did sneak a quick lil touch, had to say I touched something he had!

Room of Greek Sculptures

Now on to all the paintings we’ve all seen, but I was ever so excited to see in “real life”

And of course the Mona Lisa, she really was a sight to see. I was shocked to see how small of a painting it actually is.

It was quite amazing to not only get a chance to go to Paris, but to see all these wonderful pieces! I can’t wait to go back and experience more! Like I said earlier, I have tons of pics to go through, but I’ll follow up with a paris highlights post soon.

Coastal Thrifting

Coastal Thrifting
Today I woke up thinking how nothing sounded better than lunch by the beach, vintage thrift shopping and coastal afternoon cocktails with my lovely ladies. I just knew even if I went into my office I wouldn’t be able to focus & work so I played hooky called upon some of my favorite friends and headed to sandy shores, sunny skies and relaxed attitudes! Ahhhh, so much better now…of course that’s easy to say after a few sips on some ever so delish beachy vodka cocktails. Hope you are all having a wonderfully chill hump day!

Mid Day Rendezvous


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Mid Day Rendezvous
Hello My Sweets!
Today I have a late lunch rendezvous with someone I’m a lil sweet on. Of course, I wanted to be cute….but in that “I didn’t try too hard, I’m naturally this adorable and put together” way. You ladies know exactly what I’m talking about. Since  a “true” summer is hiding from us here in Northern Cali, I went for layers for warmth & bright colors to lighten up the gloom around us. He’s a perfect gentleman (my favorite kind of man!) which makes me behave that much more ladylike when I’m around him. Some of my closest girlfriends and I have a long standing debate. If we act more ladylike, will they be more gentlemanly and vice versa…I’m sure anyone that reads my blog knows which side I stand on for this debate, but what do you think?

Chanel Flagship Store!!!!


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Flagship Chanel Store

Hello my sweets!

Did you know in France they only have sales twice a year? Once in January and once at the end of June…today being Day 1. Eeeek! This was the biggest & best surprise of my trip (thus far, a lady must remain optimistic!) Stores have only been open for 2.5 hours but it’s all amazing. Upon my stroll I stumbled upon a treasure…If I’m this excited to see the Chanel flagship store, I just might pass out when I finally find the Louboutin Flagship store, WORTH IT! I am LOVING every single second in Paris and will be uploading my Parisian Photo Adventure once I’m back in the States.

Also a quick and shameless business plug… my beloved store has new arrivals you can find here Blue Vanilla, nothing vanilla about us!

NYC Stroll


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NYC Stroll
Currently I’m sitting in a board room with all my executives preparing for our Paris Retreat next week…but secretly my head & heart are in New York City strolling the streets and lounging in the park. I’m taking a mid day mental vacation! If you could be anywhere other than where you are now, where would you be?

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