Hello Sweets!


I learned long ago sometimes life’s challenges are exactly the misadventure we need. Although they might be rough while you are going through them, there is always some good that comes from them. Like most people, it’s hard for me to admit I’m not perfect. I understand I’m a work in progress and am very proud of that. I figure if we are complacent or stagnant we aren’t really living, so trying and failing is better than just being idle. However I do still like to think all my actions, reactions & interactions are executed perfectly with poise & class. I am smart enough to know that’s not always the case, I am human, but my ego wishes it to be true and day by day I am working and willing it to be true.

I recently went through a major professional & personal upset, I was forced to make some difficult decisions & make major changes to my business Blue Vanilla. At first I was devastated, I lost a friend, a business partner and my baby, the very thing I put all my heart & soul into, Blue Vanilla was suffering while we were trying to dissolve our partnership.

Now that all that is in the past, and I realize that light at the end of the tunnel isn’t a train ready to take me out I’m feeling like me again, I am proud to say I’m back on track! Whew, almost let the challenge life threw at me, get the best of me. Close call, but I came out on top!

Luckily, this lil hiccup has made me more resilient, and now my business is back on the mend and beginning to strive once again :) To start fresh, and to change from a negative challenge to a positive one, I launched a new purse line on the site and updated all jewelry and the entire look of the site. It was the best way for me to redirect my focus and change not only my mood but my direction. It fueled the fire that motivates me to succeed.

Now that the chapter has closed, I find myself a lil bruised, but mostly proud. I am once again doing this on my own, my way. I have found my myself and now both my business & myself are doing big amazing things. I LOVE life’s lil misadventures whether they are good or bad they are when we learn the most about ourselves and our own true character.

I would like to extend a personal thank you to a fellow blogger I’m Not Lost Just Weird for reminding me to stay strong, focused and most of all happy & positive. Your encouraging words truly did more than I can ever actually express. THANK YOU!

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