Hello Sweets!

As most of you are already aware, I have a tenacious need to experience as much of life as humanly possible. In order to do so, I must travel frequently and keep an open mind along the way. I recently was very blessed to go back to Europe again this year & spend more time in France, mainly Paris (oh la la!) I have literally thousands of pictures I have to go through, so I’ll be posting individual events instead of one insanely long post.

This place is so massive, I couldn’t fit it in one shot! Crazy!

The Louvre is so incredibly large that it takes several days to go through and see half of what they have on display. Since I only had one evening to look around, I chose to see the Masterpiece Collection with all the paintings & sculptures I’ve seen a million times, but never in real life with my own eyes. We’ll get to those pictures, but first I must take a brief moment and give credit to the Architecture of this place. It’s massaive and strange to think people actually lived here! Check out some of the ceilings.

Even crazier….This is where the horses used to sleep. Can you believe this was their stable?!?!?

Now on to the art…

This was my favorite of everything I saw. Our guide told us a beautiful story where the moral was love is blind and everlasting…if it isnt then its not love.

Unfinished Michelangelo

These two are unfinished Michelangelo sculptures, he was commissioned for but never had a chance to complete… I did sneak a quick lil touch, had to say I touched something he had!

Room of Greek Sculptures

Now on to all the paintings we’ve all seen, but I was ever so excited to see in “real life”

And of course the Mona Lisa, she really was a sight to see. I was shocked to see how small of a painting it actually is.

It was quite amazing to not only get a chance to go to Paris, but to see all these wonderful pieces! I can’t wait to go back and experience more! Like I said earlier, I have tons of pics to go through, but I’ll follow up with a paris highlights post soon.

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